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Artsbridge Presents Anne Marie Macar

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Distinguished Artists Series with Anne Marie Macari
Red Deer: Poetry of Prehistoric Art
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 7 pm

Award-winning poet Anne Marie Macari will read poetry from her most recent book, Red Deer, and will discuss prehistoric cave paintings and portable art from the Ice Age at Artsbridge’s Distinguished Artist Series. Red Deer was written from her experiences visiting the painted caves of France and Spain. The art in these caves—paintings, engravings, decorative tools, and sculptures—is from the time of the Ice Age, between 12,000-40,000 years ago. From her first visit to Spain in 2009, Macari was drawn into the rich world of art and history, where our ancestors coexisted with Neanderthals, mammoths, cave bears, as they followed the greats herds, leaving art and artifacts in their wake. Macari chronicles leaving the surface both physically and metaphorically in these vivid poems.