Escape the Mill

Can You Escape the Mill
Before Time Runs Out?

Our new escape room -- Mystery at the Mill -- is run by the Doylestown Escape Room and brings ADVENTURE AND HISTORY together at the historic Prallsville Mills. Take a journey through history as you explore our historic setting for priceless treasure. Can you crack the codes, solve the puzzles and find clues to find the treasure before time runs out? Winning takes cleverness, teamwork and resourcefulness! Are you brave enough to try? 

Mystery at the Mill is rated PG and is appropriate for ages 12 and up. Difficulty level is moderate as the room is fun and challenging for both experienced and new Escape Room adventurers.

Click here to read our frequently asked questions.

Click here or scroll down to book this unique experience in the historic Prallsville Mills complex in Stockton, NJ. Challenge yourself, have a blast and learn about early industrial activity along the Delaware River (only minutes from scenic New Hope, PA, and Lambertville, NJ.) To ensure a "private adventure," you must book ALL 10 SPOTS or you may be mixed with other participants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take?

You will arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking time, once you enter the escape room you will have 60 minutes to collect the clues and escape.

Do I need to be strong to play?

This is not a game of physical strength but a game of the mind.  Your perceptiveness, logic and resourcefulness will be put to the test.  While you will manipulate many puzzles and small objects, no climbing or heavy lifting is needed.  You will not have to force or pry your way into objects.

What do I need to bring?

Your sharp intellect and creativity.  You can't use outside objects to solve puzzles in the room, including mobile phones.

How old do you have to be to play?

Age 8 years and up are permitted with an adult, over 15 to 17 are permitted without an adult as long as an adult stays on the premise for the duration of the experience. All adventurers will need to sign the waiver regardless of age, click here to print ahead of time or you can sign it out when you arrive. 

There are only 2 of us, will we get the room all to ourselves?

Depending on the capacity in each room, if you do not book the room in its entirety there is a chance that you will be with others. On the booking page you'll find the room with the availability, if you would like to be with your group only, you can book all of the "available" spots.

So, if we don't book the whole escape room we will be with strangers?

It is very likely that you will be with others that you may or may not know.  Making new friends is fun.  But, you can book the whole room by purchasing all of the seats ($240 for a room of 8 or $300 for a room of 10)  Please know that we do not "place" you into a room, you choose the room during the booking process.

Is this scary?

 While the escape room can be quite thrilling, it is not scary. 

Can I cancel my reservation? 

While there is a "no refund" policy but you can reschedule your escape up to 3 hours prior to the booking time and cancel your booking up to 6 hours prior to your booking.

Am I actually locked in?  

In order to successfully complete the "escape," you need to complete all of the puzzles before leaving the room.  However, you can exit the room at any time for emergencies, once you leave you cannot re-enter.

What if we can't solve any of the puzzles?

No worries, if you get stuck we will give you little hints to guide you in the right direction.

What if I am late?

It is strongly recommended that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your booked time, we will go over what you will be doing and answer any questions that you may have.

We cannot interrupt the live escape room.


Can I come back and play the same escape room again?

If you would like to come back to the same escape room again, because you didn't complete it, you must rebook the entire escape room, you will not be permitted to go through the escape room with other people that have not yet gone through, we don't want to spoil the fun for the newbies.

I don't see a time that is convenient time for me and my friends, can you make exceptions? 

Yes, we are happy to work with you to make this happen!  Call or use the contact page to touch base with us.

How much does it cost?

$30 per person to Escape the Mill

Can I play if I'm drunk?

No. An escape room is not the right place to be drunk; you will disturb the other participants and you will not be able to play the game to your highest ability. The “Escape the Mill” reserves the right to refuse the service to anyone who appears intoxicated or disruptive. 

I don't see that my credit card was charged, what happened?

Be sure to look for "Stripe" or "Escape the Mill" on your credit card statement.

It says a minimum of (#) of people/children, what if I don't have enough people to meet the minimum?

We will contact you to reschedule your booking if more people don't book at the same time.

But I only want to go through the room with less than minimum (1, 2 or 3 total), what can I do?

You can book the minimum amount to ensure that you get the time and date that is suitable for you.

Participants ages 13 and above can go in without an adult as we have adult game masters in each of our escape rooms but for ages 13-16 you must book the entire room.

In partnership with the Doylestown Escape Room.
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