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The Delaware River Mill Society (DRMS) was established in 1976 to maintain and operate the land and properties of the historic Prallsville Mills, located along the Delaware River and Raritan Canal in Stockton, NJ.  The 10-building complex includes a grist mill, linseed oil mill, saw mill and granary, most dating back to the late 1700s. The DRMS seeks to preserve the integrity of the mill complex and share its history and beauty with visitors from around the world.

In recent years, the  Prallsville Mills complex has become a hub of cultural and environmental events, such as concerts, art exhibits, antique shows, holiday parties, school fundraiser auctions and meetings. Private parties and other special events are a source of income for the restoration and maintenance of the site. 

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In Memoriam

We're very sad to report that our very good friend Ty Hodanish has passed away. For almost two decades, Ty welcomed untold thousands to the Mill complex. With his studio right at the Mill's front entrance, Ty earned the honorary position of "Guardian of the Mill." 

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Preserving History with Forward Thinking Leadership


BETH  JAPCHEN | Executive Director

Beth Japchen joined the Delaware River Mill Society as Executive Director in 2017. With a marketing background, can-do attitude and an amazing eye for detail, Beth has in a short time brought new ideas to the Mill Society.

A mother of three sons, Japchen is a Penn State graduate and cares passionately about our community. She is a long-time member of the Swan Creek Rowing Club and is on the Board of Directors of the Delaware River Towns Chamber of Commerce. She and her husband live in Buckingham, PA.

Beth Japchen |

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PHIL GUTIS | Deputy Director

Phil Gutis brings a wealth of experience and a hands-on style of management to his role at the Delaware River Mill Society. Before retiring in 2013, Phil established and managed multimillion-dollar communications programs for large advocacy organizations including the Natural Resource Defense Council and the American Civil Liberties Union.

A strong writer, an excellent communicator and a determined strategist, Phil is also a former reporter for The New York Times and is passionate about the outdoors and a collector of unique urban design vinyl.

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