The Woolverton Inn

The Woolverton Inn is a luxurious yet warm and welcoming bed and breakfast situated on 10 acres of rolling farmland, just minutes from the Prallsville Mills complex in Stockton, NJ. The meticulously maintained guest house has a rich history that is uniquely attached to the Prallsville Mills. 

The manor house was built in 1792 by John Prall and used as a "summer residence" for his family, which is quite ironic considering that is it located 3/10th of a mile from to the mill complex.

The Woolverton family bought the small farmhouse in the 1850s and transformed it into the grand manor home it is today, adding a mansard roof, elaborate scrollwork and other intricate details. Click here to find out more about the Woolverton Family on our history page.

In the early 1980s, new owners turned the home into an exquisite B&B, which is now the Woolverton Inn. Choose from eight charming rooms and suites in the original manor house or one of six separate cottages, each with distinct features. There are many specials and packages available throughout the year.